"Festival Recollections" is a timepiece which chronicles my experiences at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2007. The piece explores the ways in which print media can provide interactivity and engage the viewer. Twelve memories which stand out most from the festival are combined to form a construction which can be explored sequentially. When folded, the piece is a simple geometric shape with no text or images visible. Each piece folds out, revealing a memory from the festival, and creating a visual effect which becomes more and more complicated. Each individual memory is depicted textually - the day, time, and location within the festival grounds are specified, and additional text highlights what stands out most about that event or memory. The aesthetic of the piece aims to capture some of the feeling of Bonnaroo - the jumble of text and shapes mimics the disorganization of my memories; the events blur together and so my memories are not wholly sequential. The color palette is also chosen to fit the mood of the festival; bright colors are used to represent the energy and happiness of the crowd, but the sandy background which mutes them somewhat calls to mind the ever-present dust and dirt of the grounds. To add to the interactivity of the piece, some components include other features - an archway that pops up, an envelope of confetti, a tiny booklet.