"Typeline" is a typographic timepiece which chronicles the aspects of each month which stand out to me the most. The piece is structured as I visualize the structure of time during my college years; the year is divided into two main parts for spring and fall semesters. Below the linear progression of each semester is a circular representation of the break from classes which follows (summer break after spring semester, winter break after fall semester). The breaks from classes are circular rather than linear due to the fact that I do not keep track of time as specifically when classes are not in session. Each month is assigned a color which represents the overall feel of the month, and a typographic image of something I associate with that month. The all-wheel-drive designation on my car represents January snowfall, conversation hearts for Valentine's Day stand out in February, my first birthday cake depicts my birthday month of March, a carton of eggs suggests Easter and April, and my mother's handwriting represents her birthday month of May. As summer begins, June is shown by my ticket stub from Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, July by my high school yearbook as I reconnect with old friends home for the summer, and August by the Southwest Airlines logo as I often travel at that time of year. The next semester is represented by the IBM logo on my laptop for September, the first full month of classes, the letters on a hockey jersey when hockey season starts in October, and the label in a winter coat as November heralds colder weather. Finally, the year ends with December, represented by the window clings which were always part of the Christmas decorations in my house when I was younger. On the back of the Typeline, a brief paragraph describes each of these connotations.